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[EK] re: On Joining a Household

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <0002152178@mcimail.com>

This came from the East Kingdom and I thought it might be useful in
general for newcomers who have in the past asked about "households."

Sue Metzler/Tehair MacDiarmada
Dep. Kingdom Chatelaine

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-Poster: Barbara Collins <collinb1@labs.wyeth.com>

I have to agree with Rev. Schrumali on all points. 

One thing he missed (I think): beware of households that want you to join
immediately, and swear an oath of fealty to the leader. Oaths of fealty
are all very well, but being locked into a group you may want out of in
two years is really annoying. I happen to know of such incidents, and
they caused the people in them a lot of anguish deciding _how_ to break
their word. 

Also: beware of groups that expect you to never join another one, or quit
any you are currently in. They may be okay, but that's a warning sign. 

Household come in all shapes and sizes, but the common point seems to
be that they're very nearly family. Sometimes I have to admit that they're
nicer than family!

I'm in two households myself, one I helped form (Haus des Offenen
Tores or House Feh for short) which is sort of a spin-off of Haus
Eberhorn. We're just a bunch of people that get along and like to go to
events together, and (blench) are an autocratting household if anything.
We have several proven autocratting addicts (Three people who've run
Birka five times between us), and are into arts and sciences and fighting.
By organization we have a figure head, Lord Ian Gunn and his lady
Amethysta of Kensington. Which means they get to take the heat, but we
can ignore them. (HI IAN! %-) New members happen when someone's
been hanging around and sort of become a member and by unanimous
vote. People are also allowed to leave when they want to!

The other household, House Oakenwode is definately headed by
Ekkehardt of Oakenwode (my hubby, ;-), and is mostly a fighting
household. When Ekk and I got together, we mutally joined each other's
household. His household has a year trial period, to make sure
everybody gets along with each other. And since some members have
been spending more and more time trying to be period and authentic,
we've become an A&S household too (come visit us at Pennsic if you
don't believe rhinegoths do A&S). 

Now I'll duck in case A'isha or Ian or Amethysta don't agree with the

Anna Dimitriova Belokon
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