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Sizes of Crown Tourneys

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Hey, all;

Anarra wrote:
> I think whatever it is that's creating the problem (yes, I do think it's
> a problem) of <30 fighters in a Crown, in a kingdom with as many
> fighters as we have, should be dealt with first. 
> I've no idea why Crowns are so small here.  I've heard things ranging
> from "Too Expensive" to "Not enough Time" to "Only the Really Good
> fighters should enter"  to "Weebling". 

Actually, I think it is very simple: interkingdom anthropology.  The East
Kingdom, from which Atlantia sprang, has Crown tourneys with about 2.5 to
3 times as many entrants as Atlantian Crowns.  The East Kingdom has a
population about 2.5 to 3 times as large as Atlantia's.  Their entry rate
is essentially identical to Atlantia's.  

In the West (and its progeny) the culture is very different, and the
attitude towards fighting in Crown is very different, and they routinely
have Crowns with hundreds of people fighting.

Which is fine for them, I'm sure.  But I see no "problem" in our number of
Crown Tourney entrants.  It is a very long-term cultural trend that goes
back long before I was in Atlantia (Way Before Dirt).  It is as reasonable
to my mind to try and "fix" Western Crowns by getting their entry rate
down to Atlantia's, as it is to "fix" Atlantian Crowns by increasing our
entry rate to match those in An Tir and the West. 


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