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Re: Principalities and sizes of crowns

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lady Annara, you wrote:

> >Actually, I believe I said that Trimaris has only three baronies 
> >(actually, I thought it was four) therefore they do not need to be
> organized
> >into principalities.  Atlantia has thirteen baronies and a number of large
> >shires, and could easily be organized into multiple principalities.
> The West has three baronies in Central West and two principalities.  The
> Principality of the Summits in An Tir has only one barony.
> I think number of baronies has diddly to do with whether to create
> principalities.  It sounds as if you are arguing that any time the barony
> density reaches a certain point, a principality should result.

Actually, someone here has argued that we need the underlying structure
of local groups before we create principalities.  I'm just arguing that we
have that already, and I think your cases argue to, rather then against my
position ;-).
> I think whatever it is that's creating the problem (yes, I do think it's a
> problem) of <30 fighters in a Crown, in a kingdom with as many fighters as we
> have, should be dealt with first.

I think Earl Dafydd has argued in the past that THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM 
(tm) but only a case of Eastern Rite versus Western Rite and MidRealm 
tradition.  Atlantia has never had large Crowns, but we don't think of it 
as a problem.

But you are right, that is another thread ;-).

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