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Re: illumination

Poster: "Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir" <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Walle qum salaam!!

> Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>
> My good friend Falcone, Allah's peace to you.
> I see you have drawn upon your wit to ignite a humourous spark in order
> lighten the mood somewhat. Your words, coloured quite brightly, also seek
> educate us of the luminous young Blackbow. Pray let me buy you a drink,
> we may together become illuminated.
> In service (and never far from a thesaurus),
> Corun

Once again, flames of calligraphic verse leap from your gilded tounge.  I
fear, however, that the more I drink, the less my words will become
illuminated and the more my nose.  Yet, let the pigmented proboscus settle
on the page of this eve along with our companions, and let us not stop the
flow of this witty verse, that drips like sweet drink from our tounges,
until the chapter of this eve has closed and the page has begun to dry in
the books of our memories.

A thesaurus?  Cheater!!

BTW, what's another word for thesaurus?

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    "Once I cried because I could not understand polyrythmic
     synchopation, then I met a culture that had no drums."

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