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What is political?

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

Leifr wrote:
>Perhaps questions only become political when they ONE: cause the 
>fractionalization of a social entity, and TWO: are decided by 
>institutions which govern some activity of that entity, and THREE: hide 
>within the question some motivation, or suspicion of motivation, not 
>directly applicable to the question.

I will state my disagreement with this interpretation
of politics. I tend to agree with the ancient Athenians
that politics is the art of free people living together.
They had a word for one who was not political. That word
was idiot. I agree with Leifr that when we currently use
the word 'political' we usually mean bad politics. By bad
politics I mean those methods and attitudes that make the 
coming together to achieve common goals difficult. What
makes for good politics is respect. I mean both self respect
and respect for others. 

	Maybe I should get off my podium and let others

		Malcolm MacMalcolm

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