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[MR] Blazen

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> Achbar ibn Ali,
> Aislinn de Bhulhe,
> Brangwain nic Stiubhard,
> Claire Guilbeau,
> Elizabeth of Rosewood,
> Godfrey of Inwood,
> John von der Velde,
> Jonathan Blackbow,
> Lothar of Chesleigh,
> Lucas von Reumer,
> Maeve Griffinsward,
> Rachel Wallace,
> Rebecca des Trois Tours,
> Rhonwen of Chesleigh,
> Roberth Dearith of Clan O'Shannon -
>    Augmentation of Arms, to wit:
>         Or, in pale a tower and a sword Sable
>         with or without a bordure Sable
>         depending on the field tincture of the
>         recipient's device

This brings to my mind three points:

  *  Vivant!

  *  Should it read "...within or without a bordure Sable..."?

  *  Is Rebecca now "Rebecca des Quatre Tours" ?

-- Alfredo el Bufon

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