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Re: sublime ladies

Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

Cole wrote:
> David H Ritterskamp wrote:
> >
> >      Lady Lawles [Emma] has (in her SUB-tul and gracious way) pointed out
> >      that perhaps there are some people out there who have no idea what the
> >      heck I was talking about.
>  Yeah...... you had to put it just THAT way didn't you.....
 Barkeep, I have to buy Jonathan an ale.  He manages to get me
  in trouble with elagance and seamless ease.  
Which reminds me.... I didn't post to the rose I posted to YOU!!! 

And for future reference I can be sublime..... 
I CAN!!!!! I hear snickering..... you all stop it this very instant!
 <foot stamp....grin>
 Thank you for clearing up my most uninformedness!!!
 love ya
 mean it
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