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Re[2]: Empire of Chivalry & Steel - some observations

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com>

     Lady Lawles [Emma] has (in her SUB-tul and gracious way) pointed out 
     that perhaps there are some people out there who have no idea what the 
     heck I was talking about.
     In addition to the Merry Rose, I keep tabs on Trimaris' mailing list, 
     and this came up. Genius that I am, I didn't pay attn. to which list 
     it came from. 
     Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure it came from there.  
     ANYWAY, I got ahold of some blurb on the Empire of Chivalry & Steel 
     and thought that it might hold some interest/amusement/whatever.
     The web page, in case anyone's interested, is
     Ld. JB
David H Ritterskamp wrote:
> Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com> 
>      1.  They use live steel.  This means that you had better be 
>      armored.  They don't use thrusting at all.  Their armor 
>      are a little more stringent, i.e., forearms are required and 
>      need to have some sort of armor covering them.  They use combat 
>      archery in melees, and shields are handled differently; if the 
>      involves combat archery, shields will be allowed; otherwise, 
>      don't use shields.  Finally, somebody who realizes that weapons
>      block arrows!
>      2.  They're mostly out west.
>      3.  They have a maximum shield size (22" x 28") and their 
shields are
>      only used for tourneys, no melee. 
>      4.  They're not very large.
>      Other than that, they're a carbon copy of the SCA, near as I 
can tell.
>       Oh, there are (I'm sure) a few other differences, but nothing 
>      makes them significantly different.  A few rules that I 
wouldn't mind
>      seeing incorporated at some point. 
>      FYI,
>      Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
>      House O'Shannon

Emma, Lady Lawles

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