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Re: ? Ugly and Stupid ?

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Good THL Falcone,
> It should be obvious to all that Blackbow wasn't generalizing every post
> out there as ugly and stupid, Leifr.

True, but the fact is, I didn't think very many at all were.
> The simple fact of the matter is that change happens, too, and principality
> for the North or South should be discussed.  If it isn't viable and could
> do grave damage to kingdom, it must be found out.  If it is viable and will
> encourage healthy evolution in our kingdom, that also must be found out.

Well, I'm for principalities North, South, and a couple across the middle.
The Society sets a minimum of five active people to make the smallist groups,
shires and cantons.  And I think that is about right.  When groups get
larger then that, factionalization happens because you have more active 
people then the group can happily employ.  So they start to employ themselves
by engaging in rather unhelpful politics.

The size of a Principality is set at 100 people.  Atlantia has 1500 
subscribers to the Acorn.  We certainly have more then enough people to 
manage a number of principalities.  Atlantia has thirteen baronies, and we
could certainly have a number more if people weren't convinced that 
baronies have to have 100 members themselves (Corpora lays down the number 
25).  Trimaris I believe has only four baronies.  Any conceiveable 
principality of Atlantia would have at least two baronies. 

Multiple constiuant principalities of Atlantia would solve two "Problems" 
with the principality concept.  No one would wonder when the principality 
was going to become a kingdom, because obviously none of them ever would, and
no group in the kingdom would be without its own territorial prince, so no
one, even Isenfir ( :-)) would be left out.
> Besides, this is just the subject where we might be able to find another
> principal for OHC.  You and I need to quit trading that job off and give
> someone else a turn;)
One problem with getting a new principal of the OHC is that you really 
have to admit you belong to the order before you can lead it ;-).

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