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Re: ? Ugly and Stupid ?

Poster: Christopher M Faulcon <mfaulcon@or.atinc.com>

Lance Harrop wrote:
> ---SNIP---
> The size of a Principality is set at 100 people.  Atlantia has 1500
> subscribers to the Acorn.  We certainly have more then enough people to
> manage a number of principalities.  Atlantia has thirteen baronies, and we
> could certainly have a number more if people weren't convinced that
> baronies have to have 100 members themselves (Corpora lays down the number
> 25).  Trimaris I believe has only four baronies.  Any conceiveable
> principality of Atlantia would have at least two baronies.
> ---SNIP---
> Leifr

While it is true that Trimaris has only three baronies, it is also true
the many more are needed, particularly in the southern part of the
kingdom. I don't think you may safely make comparisons like "they only
have x, therefore we only need x,too."

As to the notion of southern and northern principalities, the very same
idea has been kicked around Trimaris for the last few years, as well.
Trimaris decided against forming one at this time, for the same reasons
Atlantia chose not too the last time this discussion came up. There are
a great many factors involved in forming a new group, barony or
principality, and population is only one of them. I don't think its
enough merely to form a principality bacause you can; there must be a
compelling reason to do so.

Most recently here in Trimaris, it was deemed that, regardless of the
population statistics, forming a new principality would not only not be
particularly beneficial to the kingdom, it would actually pose a hazard
to the healthy growth of the kingdom.

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