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[Fwd: [EK] fencing questions]

Gentles - 

I picked this up on the East Kingdom list and it occured to me that 
Atlantians would probably know more about a fencing equipment company in 
NC. (He probably means Asheville or Ashboro but then, I'm not a fencer.)

Back to the kitchen! (BOAT WARS on May **THIRD (3'rd)** - do not believe 
the April Acorn)


(leaves tavern, still waving spoon around distractedly)

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Does anyone know the answers to either (or both) of these questions?

1.  There is a fencing supply company Ashland(?), Ashbury(?) that is in North
Carolina that sells fencing gear: weapons+daggers.  Does anyone know its real
name or phone number?  They're suppose to be pretty reasonable.  I'm thinking
about getting a dagger and am pricing them out at the moment.

2.  In Danbury, CT there a local college that runs open fencing practices,
SCA style etc, does anyone know the specifics?  Practices are Mondays 7-10pm?


ps.  I'm get mailing lists spuratically so please be sure my email addr is in
the reply, otherwise I will not see a copy (Ebergland2@aol.com).  

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