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New Email List for Atlantian Scribes

Poster: Linda Pancrazio <lindap@ipass.net>


There is a new mailing list forming for Atlantian Scribes. 

The purpose of this list is to discuss all kinds of scribe stuff in
Atlantia. Possible topics include (but are certainly not limited to) books,
materials, supplies, scroll texts, classes, layout ideas, where to buy stuff
and how to use stuff, heraldry as it pertains to scroll-making and whatever
else we can think of.

To subscribe send email to:


the body of the message to read:

        subscribe scribes

the address to post to the list is:


Maybe our first discussion should be to come up with a better use-name than
the "Atlantian Scribes List".

A bientôt
- Genevieve d'Evreux
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      \/       and:   http://www.ipass.net/~lindap/scribes.html

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