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Good Greeting, Gentle Folk!

Poster: KNPQ34A@prodigy.com (MISS JENNIFER E BRAME)

Gentle folk all,

I am not new to the Merry Rose, though I may seem a stranger--it has 
been a long time since I posted here. With computer privileges 
restored, albeit on a new system, I have finally mustered up the 
effort to 
re-subscribe.  ;)   I loved this list when I was on it before, and 
I'm looking forward to being here again.  Of a truth, I've forgotten 
most of what I knew about the SCA before, but it can be re-learnt amd 
I look forward to the lesson.

As a graduate student now, in a somewhat unfamiliar city, I would 
love to join an SCA group in my home city: Greensboro, North Carolina.
  Have any of you information relating to what may/is going on in 
this area?  

God give you all joy!

Rosamunde the Shy

The Wise Woman Says:
       "Graduate school is where you learn to call a spade a 
leveraged geomass delivery system."

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