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Known World Academy of the Rapier

Poster: Nataliia <Nataliia@q.continuum.net>

Please cross post this event announcement to any other lists or gentles as 
appropriate.  Unfortunately I do not have the list address for Trimaris or 
Drachenvald, and the Middle is a closed list, so any gentles who are able to 
forward this posting, the autocrat would be extremely thankful. 

The Barony of Bergental, is hosting the Known World Academy of Rapier for
1997 on May 23, 24, 25 and 26 of 1997 (Memorial Day Weekend) in western
Massachusetts and invites all rapier fighters across the Known World to
come and join in learning, fencing, research and fun.

The Academy will include classes on historical rapier research, personna
development, teaching, combat techniques, and more.  Rapier fighters from
all corners of the Known World are invited to take part.  The Academy is still
looking for willing teachers to share their knowledge of Rapier.  There will
also be plenty of fencing available to all who wish to partake and possibly
try out that newly learned knowledge.  If you are interested in teaching at 
the event, please contact the autocrat listed below.

And if that isn't enough to wet your appetite, the Northern and Central Region
Fencing Championship will also take place on Saturday and will be run by the
current Northern and Central Region Champion, Kai MacLean.  As in the past,
the challenge for the longest titled champion is a tourney which provides as 
much fun and fencing as possible.  You are not required to be a resident of the 
North or Central Region in order to participate in the tourney, but must be a 
resident of said regions in order to win the tourney. For more information on 
the tourney, please contact Kai MacLean through the autocrat.

We are also having as the Academy's guest speaker Duke Sigmund the
Wingfooted from the Kingdom of Ansteorra, who began the ground work that
established the Order of the White Scarf in Ansteorra during his and his
Queen's, Duchess Sieglinde, second reign in 1983.  Duke Sigmund is a member
of every peerage order and also the seventh white scarf ever.

There will also be a meal plan prepared and overseen by our most noble, Lord
Liam St. Liam.   The meal plan will include Saturday, Sunday and Monday
breakfast board, Saturday and Sunday lunch board and Saturday and Sunday
tavern style dinner.  Dietary restrictions or questions should be addressed to
Lord Liam at toscano@q.continuum.net.

The site will be announced in future event announcements and is in western
Massachusetts.   Future announcements will have information regarding 
airports and transportation.  The site is a beautiful spot with toilets, hot 
showers, lovely treed camping areas, A-Frames for crashing and teaching in 
and stores, gas, hotels, and restaurants nearby.

Fees:  Site fee $12.00 all weekend if paid on or before April 1, 1997.  After
April 1, 1997 to the day of the event, fee for all weekend is $14.00, $8.00
for the day.  Children 12 and under are 1/2 price.  Meal plan, $15.00 all
weekend if paid on or before April 1, 1997.  After April 1, 1997 and before
May 1, 1997 meal plan is $20.00 for the weekend.  No reservations for the
meal plan will be taken after May 1, 1997.   Meal plan is by reservation only
and will not be take at the door.  Where can you get fed for the weekend for
this price?

Autocrat is Baronyesss Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka
(Mary-Ellen Toscano) telephone 860-464-2967, before 10 p.m. E.S.T. or by
email at Nataliia@q.continuum.net.  Reservations clerk is Baron Tibor of Rock
Valley (Mark Schuldenfrei), email at schuldy"@MATH.HARVARD.EDU, telephone
number 1-617-648-5326, address: Mark Schuldenfrei, 109 Milton Street,
Arlington MA 02174-8734.   Reservations should be sent to the reservations
clerk with Mundane Name, address, SCA name, resident Kingdom, date of 
arrival, notation as to member or non-member, fencer or non-combatant and 
fee and/or meal plan being paid should be included.

Directions will follow in next event announcement.

Note to out of East Kingdom visitors - There is a limited amount of tentage 
and crash space for any out of kingdom visitors to the Academy.  Lady 
Ysabeau de Taureon (email address -  "Ysabeau (Christine C. Clukey)" 
<ysabeau@gnu.ai.mit.edu>) is the contact for any out of kingdom visitor 
wishing to make arrangements.  We will do our best to accommodate our 
cousins from other kingdoms in setting them up with appropriate shelter at 
the event.  There is camping space available, or there will be crash space in 
the second floor of one of the A-Frames with gentles needing bedding only 
and there may be the possibility of crash space with gentles who live in the 
area of the site.  Any questions should be directed to Lady Ysabeau, or the 

Thank you all for your indulgence, and hope to see you in May.

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