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Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Leifr wrote:
>Well, I'm for principalities North, South, and a couple across the middle.
>The size of a Principality is set at 100 people.  Atlantia has 1500 
>subscribers to the Acorn.

I have a hard time supporting Principalities, when the Crown tourney in
Atlantia draws, at most, 30-odd fighters.  (I valiently refrain from going
off-topic in that direction!  ;)  Besides, it's not just population, it's Peers
and structure, too.

In my opinion, Principalities would only serve to divide people more. 
if more Northern folks traveled South and more Southern folks traveled North,
there would be less of a feeling of need for a Principality.

Ana Ilevna and I are planning on attending *something* in South Carolina
year.  We feel we've spent too much time locally.  We used to travel a lot
in the West and miss that.  So we're going to remedy that this year.

>Atlantia has thirteen baronies, and we
>could certainly have a number more if people weren't convinced that 
>baronies have to have 100 members themselves (Corpora lays down the number 

Central West Kingdom has practically the densest SCAdian population in the
and they only have THREE baronies.  Baronies are a cultural thing.  Not all
groups over 25 must be baronies.  (Heck, Madrone, An Tir (Seattle, WA) has
enough people, Peers and structure to be a KINDGOM and they are a barony -
they're not even part of a principality.)

It was quite an adjustment to move from the Province of Golden Rivers 
(Sacramento, CA) to the Barony of Caer Mear.  And I grew up in a barony in 
An Tir.  So staying a shire or canton, even if the group is big enough to 
be a barony, is quite an acceptable alternative to me.  It should be up 
to the group.  If they want to be a barony, fine.  If not, fine.  Unless 
I live there at the time, it's nothing to me.  Neither form of group has 
an advantage or disadvantage over the other.

        - Anarra

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