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Re: group size, status, was Principalities

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

> Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com> 
> Jonathan wrote: 
> > > I'm not going to get into who done what, but the above is (IMO) 
> > > a fairly good example for baronial vs. shire status.  A shire 
> > > that expects to be around should go ahead and move towards 
> > > baronial status; there's no reason not to (except for the 
> > > politics that this move would engender) and many reasons to do so. 
> Gregory responded: 
> > there are many reasons why a shire might want to stay that way for 
> > a long time -- Isenfir is 22 years old... 
> > A quick look through the mailing list archive ought to show you quite 
> > a few postings from shire denizens about what they like about 
> > shires.... If you're going to rehash the discussion, you should 
> > remember that there are two sides to it. 
> Yes, there are two sides to this question (I'm an Isenfiri-in-Exile 
> now living in Stierbach and have been through both sides myself). 
> The difference appears to have something to do with the 
> shire's psychological proximity to baronies: how close by the members 
> of each group think the other group(s) is/are. Isenfir, when I lived 
> there, was not "near" any baronies; Stierbach most emphatically is, 
> and from Jonathan's anecdote, so are the groups in question there. 
> Evan 
As another Isenfiri-in-Exile, I'd like to say that it also has something to do 
with the sorts of folks that are in the group as well.  In my day in Isenfir 
(do be a good chap and fetch me my cane, Evan), we were all peasants and proud 
of it, thus we had a pronounced "Barony? Who needs to be a Barony?  We don't 
need no stinkin' hats!"  attitude.  We often went to play with the Caer Maeri 
and the Black Diamond folks, but we didn't feel a need to become a barony.  We 
felt very secure in our shire status.  Of course, we also didn't have many 
town members and knew the population would come and go in waves that might not 
support a Barony, and in such circumstance, who would you give the hats to?


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