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Re: group size, status - nitpicking

Poster: Tom Brady <tabrady@mindspring.com>

Lord Jonathan did write:
>     Nobody ever heard of a 
>     shire award & yet shires are legally
>     only slightly smaller than baronies.  I think a shire had to have 20? 
>     10? something like that, whereas a barony
>     has to have 25.

Well, you almost got it right. Shires (and cantons) require five dues-paying
members of the SCA, Inc. That's a bit less than 25, which I think sort of
kills that argument. I'll agree, though, that the lack of local awards can
be a problem. Look on the bright side - at least we don't have provinces in
Atlantia (no offense to folks from other kingdoms - the members of provinces
I spoke to [Tre-Girt-Sea, specifically] found the concept of baronies
equally foreign. Other lands, other opinions.)

As to the arguement that it's easier to ignore a shire vs. ignore a barony:
hogwash. You can ignore anyone you want to. Of course, if they're loud,
visible, and active, they're harder to ignore. You don't need a baron or
baroness for that.


*Explanatory note: Province = Barony - Baron/Baroness (in the eyes of
Corpora, anyway)
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