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A Note of Gratitude

Poster: KNPQ34A@prodigy.com (MISS JENNIFER E BRAME)

Good gentles,

I thank you for all the replies to my previous request for help.  
This list is as friendly as I remember it... though when I first came 
in, just as the beginning of the great Crockery Wars, I wondered!   ;
)   I flung a tankard or two myself before cease-fire...

I've gotten John Sellers' name and address written down, and I'll 
contact him soon.  Right now, I'm scanning through Merchant's Row, 
trying to find your "basic" garb... I'll call it a quest.

God give you joy,
Rosamunde the Shy

The Wise Woman Says:
       "Graduate school is where you learn to call a spade a 
leveraged geomass delivery system."

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