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Pledge of Allegence

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

I have a few years on most of you and so I
remember in grade school learning the pledge
of Allegence and then relearning it when Congress
changed the words. When I first learned it in the 
first and second grades I believe that I had some
understanding of what the words meant. Though as I
grew older my understanding of the historical context
and subtleties increased. Anyway, I was in basic
agreement with the pledge. But when Congress added
the words "under God" to the pledge I felt that 
requiring me to make this new pledge in school was
interfering with my First Admendment rights of
freedom of religeon. Even in grade school I thought
it ironic that an attempt to show us different from
the "Godless Communists" was promoting the type of
authoritaian conformity that made that system so 

As Earl Daffyd said, the meaning of a pledge is the
meaning of the words of what is promised, so don't
sign any blank checks.

		Malcolm MacMalcolm
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