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Why few fight for crown

Poster: Neil Maclay <nmaclay@psi.prc.com>

I know why I don't fight in Crown Tourney.
It is a very long shot but if the plague
struck down most of the other contestants
I might win. My resposibilities to my family
and my employer would prevent me from carying
out the tasks that a good King should perform.
I do not believe in trying to obtain honors
when I can not meet the obligations that
accompany them. Some have felt differently
and the Kingdom has suffered as a result.

Other fighters that I know, who are much more
likely to win, don't fight for similar reasons.

In order to do the job properly, one must be able
to traval most every weekend to events in all
parts of the Kingdom. Their Graces can better
report on how many hours a week must be spent
on the Kingdom's bussiness, but I understand that
it is a lot.

The demograghics of the Kingdom are such that a
large portion of the Chivalry are of an age where
they are raising children. At least that is my
impression. Maybe someone (Daffyd?) has some real

	Malcolm MacMalcolm
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