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Re: Why few fight for crown

Poster: Christopher M Faulcon <mfaulcon@or.atinc.com>

Alfredo, in reply to Malcolm MacMalcolm, wrote:
> This being the case, one solution to the problem
> of small Crown Tourneys is this: Let people enter
> the lists without any intention of ruling.  The
> new Sovereign would be the the best fighter that
> day of those who *do* so intend.
> Under this scheme, Master Malcolm could enter
> the Crown Lists, along with hundreds of others.
> Then when (lets say) Malcolm wins the Tourney,
> he can announce that he cannot accept the title,
> and pass the princely coronet to the runner-up.
> If that runner-up also is unable to rule, he or she
> would pass it to the next runner-up, and so on until
> it rested in the hands of one of the forty or so
> who enter the current Tourney.
> The important thing is that there would be enough
> entrants in Crown Tourney to make it interesting.
> That is the important thing, isn't it?
> -- Alfredo

Alfredo, that's ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, many people enter
crown tourney knowing their chances of winning are not high, but almost
everyone I know who enters has considered the consequences of winning,
and has decided to continue on anyway, knowing the responsibilities they
may end up taking on.

Crown tourney is unlike any other tourney. The victor on that day will
be responsible for the fun of more than 1500 people for six months. They
will represent their kingdom in peace, in war, in other kingdoms, at
arts and sciences competitions, at tourneys, at court, and anywhere else
they go for the duration of their reign. There is no place in crown
tourney for anyone who is not prepared to accept thee responsibilities
ahead of time. Between Emerald Joust, Ice Castles, Novice tourney, Ymir,
Kingdom Birthday, the Atlantia Day tourney at Pennsic, and many others,
there are more than enough 'big' tournaments for people to enter for the
purpose of gaining acclaim for their skill and the recognition of their

It is the right of every Atlantian citizen to compete for the crown; I
would not suggest otherwise. But doing so for any other reason than to
be King, or make one's consort a Queen, is a dis-service to ones' self 
and ones' kingdom.

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