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Re: Why few fight for crown

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Please allow me to clarify my previous posting.

I had heard at least two people in the Merry Rose say that before
Principalities could even be considered, the Problem of Small
Crown Tourneys must first be solved.  I attempted to present a
possible solution to the stated Problem.

The purpose of my solution was *NOT* to benefit people who feel
left out of the Crown Tourney (although it might have that side
effect).  Rather, it was to increase the size of the Tourney.

The current requirement that all entrants must be Willing and
Able to Rule is NOT what keeps *me* out of the Crown Tourney.

I personally have no problem with the current number of entrants
in Crown Tourney.  I only recently found out that *anyone* thought
there was a problem.

I am not especially interested in seeing Atlantia divided into
Principalities; but if people want to discuss it, but can't
until some other Problem is solved, I say let's solve that
other Problem.

Then we can go onto the next problem in line, which (Earl Daffyd
states) is The Colour of the Bunting.

-- Alfredo

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