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Re: Why few fight for crown

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

> I had heard at least two people in the Merry Rose say that before
> Principalities could even be considered, the Problem of Small
> Crown Tourneys must first be solved.  I attempted to present a
> possible solution to the stated Problem.

> I am not especially interested in seeing Atlantia divided into
> Principalities; but if people want to discuss it, but can't
> until some other Problem is solved, I say let's solve that
> other Problem.

In my opinion there is no connection at all between Crown Tourney size and
the consideration (or existence) of Principalities.

> Then we can go onto the next problem in line, which (Earl Daffyd
> states) is The Colour of the Bunting.

Which is a major issue indeed.  I, for example, cannot wear yellow or even
some greens without looking jaundiced.  I know others who cannot wear red
without seeming, well, red-faced.  And although almost anyone can wear
black, that colour makes for funereal bunting.  Very depressing.

However, an issue even dearer to my heart than bunting is the spelling of
my name: three 'd's, only one 'f'.  And when the border-guards of my
soon-to-be established County check for outside infiltrators, spelling my
name will be how they determine the spies.  Sadly, some of my friends will
also be excluded (Corun is a recent example), but that is how it goes.

Dafydd ap Gwystl ap Llewelyn ap Cadwaladr ap Gwyl (memorize it now!)

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