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Re: shires vs. baronies

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Lady Katriona writes:
> First off, could someone help me clear up a question of Interkingdom
> Antrhopology?  When I was in the Midrealm, I understood that Baronies were
> made up of Cantons (and Ridings and Strongholds and Colleges) who felt they
> would be better off acting in conjunction while Shires were (usually strong)
> individual groups who felt they'd be better off solo.  Correct me if I'm
> wrong, but in Atlantia, a Barony is a group OR collection of groups with a
> Baron(ess).  (I was a lot more active in the Mid than I am able to be
> nowadays, so I'm not always sure how things work in this Kingdom.  I'm not
> dead sure that's how it works there, but that's how I understood it.)

Throughout the Known World there are many models for groups of
baronial/provincial status. Atlantia has some "monolithic" Baronies,
and some "collection of cantons" Baronies. Nearby in AEthelmearc, the
Barony of Blackstone Mountain was formed by three former shires getting
together and building a common roof to live under (as it were). Those who
know enough history will also recognize this as how Storvik first came

> A Baron(ess) is a lesser degree
> of royalty, who must be willing/able to travel - within the Barony and
> without - or the amount of representation and leadership s/he is going to be
> able to give the group is nil.  If there is no individual with the
> time/money/leadership qualities to take the job (yes, it is a job), then
> Baronial advancement is a pointless exercise.

The same is true of Seneschals -- especially of Shires -- except for the
"royalty" part.


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