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Re: Why few fight for crown

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, David KUIJT wrote:

> However, an issue even dearer to my heart than bunting is the spelling of
> my name: three 'd's, only one 'f'.  And when the border-guards of my
> soon-to-be established County check for outside infiltrators, spelling my
> name will be how they determine the spies.  Sadly, some of my friends will
> also be excluded (Corun is a recent example), but that is how it goes.
> Dafydd ap Gwystl ap Llewelyn ap Cadwaladr ap Gwyl (memorize it now!)

Dafydd's sillobeth (is that how it's spelled?) brings up an interesting
question.  How regualrised was the spelling of Welsh in period?  If it was
like other languages, I would suspect the answer would be "not very."
This is why I really don't get phased when people spell my name various
ways.  Spell it phonetically for all I care!  Some people want to
Anglicise it.  Others think it isn't Gaelic enough, and want to add in
various letters.  I try to take a period attitude about it, and say, hey!
as long as it's me!  After all, with all the funky SCA names from about
100 different cultures, who could pass that spelling test?
(And we won't even get into identifiers and surnames!)

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