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Re: baronies/shires/etc

Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, David H Ritterskamp wrote:

>      case.  Are there any shires that have their own awards the same way 
>      baronies have baronial awards?  *I* don't know of any.  I'd like to, 
>      though.  But the point is this:  a shire doesn't have any mechanism in 
>      place for recognizing its subjects for meritorious service outside of 
>      itself; like I said, we knew who the useful people were, but leave the 
>      Shire and odds were nobody had ever heard of them.  

IKA alert: Outlands

Here in the Outlands, there are several strong shires. I live in one
them, the Shire of Caer Galen, which boasts something like 50 members
w/in its borders...plenty enough for a barony if we wanted. Few here
feel the sting of Lack o' External Recognition -- we host a number of
events during the year, including the always-well-attended CG Midwinter;
we usually host one or two kingdom events (Crown/A&S/Collegium/etc.)
during the year, as well. Many of us travel extensively, too. We also
have a strong letter-writing group, as well.

And YES, we *DO* have a system in place for recognizing our own -- every
year at Midwinter, we have a Caer Galen Non-Court Experience (which is
followed by the amazing Caer Galen Musical Chairs -- a full-contact
sport awesome in its destruction) in which the Caer Galen Harp is presented
to the person who has done the most for the shire in the past year, as
voted on by Caer Galenites and ethnic Caer Galenites. Just about all
the Harp recipients have gone on to become peers within a few years of
having received the award. The Harp is, of course, unofficial and non-
precedence-bearing, but we do it because we can. We also have a tourney
to select our Defender, and there have been several non-repeated
unofficial awards given out to recognize Good Folx.

The Harp, unofficial as it is, is recognized by the rest of the kingdom
for the esteem it carries.

No one can keep you from awarding good behaviour with unoffical, non-
precedence-bearing awards (Baronial awards here in the Outlands carry
AoAs, and must be approved by the Crown), just as no one can keep your
shire members from pooling your personal monies and buying a pavilion
or something.

Otto and I make efforts to give out unofficial awards to those we
think are particularly spiff, just as private folks.

Write your own scripts, people. You CAN'T give out already established,
precedence-carrying danglies, but you CAN give out Gold Stars...

branwynn ottersby
Gold Star Giver from Ancient Black Diamond Days
Believer in the cussed independence of the American West
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