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Shires in NC

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Lord Jonathon Blackbow writes, in part:

> That's why I know Sacred Stone, 
>     Nottinghill Coill, Black Diamond, Caer Mear, Windmaster's Hill, and 
>     Hidden Mountain, and I don't really think about Crannog Mor, Seareach, 
>     and Hindscroft.  They're just not VISIBLE. 
>And before the Hindscroft and Crannog Mor and Seareach people get on 
>     my case for calling them less visible, remember; I spent four years in 
>     Crannog Mor and I saw it all happen.  This isn't just coming from me; 
>     this is coming from listening to the Crannog Mor populace and seeing 
>     what happened to Hindscroft after they broke away from Sacred Stone.  
>     (And not even knowing about Wilmington in the first place!)

Um, do names like Cathanar and Raven's Cove ring a bell?  At all?  Talk
about out of sight, out of mind!!!

The Shire of Cathanar (Carteret/Craven Counties, NC) has been active
continuously for the past 15-20 years, though we've had our ups and downs.
We've put on at least one event almost every year I can think of - I know we
recently celebrated our 3rd or 4th "Thirteenth Night".  Watch the Acorn for
our THIRD Summer Rapier Workshop.  (Now, some of these WERE unofficial - but
by no means all of them!)  I know I've also mentioned our Kidfest demo here,
which will unfortunately conflict with University (June 7).

The (Incipient) Stronghold of Raven's Cove (Jacksonville) came out of
dormancy with a bang last year and put on a darn fine fighting event
(Raven's Challenge, Nov. 23) which was advertised months in advance in the
Acorn and attended almost solely by coastal denizens.  They are currently in
decline as most of their (military) population drained away, but they are
feeling so disregarded they question whether or not to start back up again.

Shires actually outnumber Baronies in NC - check the Acorn.  In fact, until
Seareach achieves their elevation in status, NOTHING east of I-95 is under
Baronial control - but the misconception is common enough that there is
nothing out here.  (Wait - I think there may be a group incipient to
Windmaster's somewhere just over the line - but I'm not sure.)

More food for thought.....

Lady Katriona of NorthWoods
Seneschal, the THRIVING Shire of Cathanar (30 strong and growing....)

Just read your post about turnips - it really IS that kind of vicious cycle:
no one knows us; no one comes to our events; no one gets to know us.  We've
got to get out more!

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