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Re: Request for Viking Chair Advice

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

Lord Hreodbeorht asked about the perfect fighter's chair.

Though documentation is not in my forte, the construction of said chairs is.

1 - 2x12x8ft


Cut the board in half (i.e. 2 four foot sections)

In one section, cut the board in such a manner that you cut 3" from the
sides, remembering to leave the seat the entire width of the board.  The seat
should be approximately 12x14.  The depth of the seat should not be more than
16 (for very tall persons) and not less than 10 inches.

The other board should have a slot cut into it that is at most 1/8" greater
in width and height than the leg of the chair.  The distance from the bottom
of the chair back section to the bottom of the slot varies between 11 and 14"
dependent upon stature.

DO NOT cut the chair leg as two legs and notch the sides of the back.  This
leads to warping of the chair legs.  It also reduces the strength and
stability of the chair.

I would suggest a seat 12x12 and 12" to the bottom of the slot for most
persons.  This works for most persons between 5'7" and 6'1".

Pressure Treated vs. Untreated is personnal choice and depends on how you
want to finish your chair.  Treated wood does not accept stains and paint as
readily as untreated wood.

In Service to Crown, King, and Kingdom,
Lord Gaelan MacCuinneagain
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