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Earl Marshal's announcement for the May Acorn

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Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <JSussman@Erols.com>

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Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 21:04:17 -0400
From: Jeffrey Sussman <JSussman@Erols.com>
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Subject: May Acorn
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Greetings, Felicitations and Profuse Apologies unto Lord Rabah az-Zafar,
Atlantian Chronicler!

I apologize for not getting this to you yesterday as I promised.  My
only excuse is that I went to the emergency room that afternoon to have
the ankle injury I suffered in Saturday's tournament looked at and was
in no mental shape to sign on yesterday.  The good news is that nothing
is broken and I'll be fine if I can tolerate the splint and crutches. 
I'm particulary abashed since I have found that a good working
relationship between the kingdom officers is extremely important to the
officers and to the kingdom.  And, I start off violating your submission
rules and asking for special favors!  All I can say is that the vast
majority of the time I will be submitting my Acorn announcements, which
will be almost every month, immediately after getting my 1st class
Acorn.  And, you'll get them before the first of the month.  

Please remove the listings of the four Regional Deputy Earl Marshals
from the Regnum.  I will be submitting a list of Assistant Earl Marshals
to you for the next Acorn.  Also, the Kingdom Warlord should not be
formatted as a Deputy Earl Marshal.  Possibly it should be listed the
same way as the University Chancellor?

A short Acorn announcement:

Greetings and Felicitations unto Atlantia from Duke Richard, Atlantian
Earl Marshal!

   I'd like to thank their majesties for their confidence in appointing
me to the post of Earl Marshal.  I'm sure that everyone will join me in
thanking SIR(!) William the Stout for his fine work.

   I will be making very few, if any changes, to the way that the
Marshal's business is conducted in Atlantia.  Essentially, "it ain't
broke, so I ain't gonna fix it."  I will be continuing and refining some
of the initiatives that have already been started.  More to follow in
future announcements.

   I will be changing the structure of the top level of the
marshallatte.  Effective immediately, I am eliminating the positions of
Regional Deputy Earl Marshals.  I'd like to thank Duke Douglas
Longshanks, Sir Tancred dello Falco, and Sir Harld Brandarm for their
contributions.  I will be appointing a small pool (3-6?) of Assistant
Earl Marshals who will not have regional responsibilities.  Rather, they
will be my extra eyes, ears, and voices anywhere in the Kingdom.

ALL Marshals!  If you are a marshal of any standing or status, including
apprentices and marshals at large, you must send a letter (mail or
e-mail) to the me before May 31st.  These notes will be used to rebuild
the marshal's roster.  Along with my uses, this roster will be used by
the Chronicler and Minister of Lists to verify each marshal's tatus. 
Event forms and authorizations signed by persons who are not on the
roster will not be accepted.  I'd like to thank Lord Rabah and Mistress
Isbella for their kind assistance.

Yours In Service To Atlantia,

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