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Atholl Brose Recipe

Poster: etsmith@scsn.net (E T Smith)

Dear Friends,
   One of my greatest pleasures in life is giving others something good
to eat, drink, or hear. I am most gratified that such a respected brewer
as our former Royal Brewer, Lord Tadhg, would consider my Atholl Brose
palatable. While there are a number of variants of this potable, I'll
offer my variation on the recipe listed in Recipes from Scotland by F.
Marian McNeill, (Edinburgh, Scotland: The Albyn Press, 1946), p.90.
1 Quart Steel-cut Oatmeal, uncooked
1 Cup Heather Honey
A Fifth of Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Milk or cream to taste
Put the oatmeal (please use regular Quaker Oats if you cannot find Irish
or Scots) in a two-quart open glass container and cover the oats with
"good" water. (I use bottled water.) After a day's time, again cover the
oats with water. When the "milk" is opaque, strain the liquid through
cheesecloth into a clean, sealable glass container. Add the honey,
whiskey, and milk or cream to the oat milk, and refrigerate the
container for at least two weeks or more. Agitate the mixture daily to
ensure a proper emulsion.
No, this is not a drink in the class of Flaming Dragons and such, but it
will sneak up on you because it goes down so smoothly. Cheers!
Best wishes,
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