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Re: Atholl Brose Recipe

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Master Thomas wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>   One of my greatest pleasures in life is giving others something good
>to eat, drink, or hear. I am most gratified that such a respected brewer
>as our former Royal Brewer, Lord Tadhg, would consider my Atholl Brose
>palatable. While there are a number of variants of this potable, I'll
>offer my variation on the recipe listed in Recipes from Scotland by F.
>Marian McNeill, (Edinburgh, Scotland: The Albyn Press, 1946), p.90.

While I have not tried to make Atholbrose, I do have another recipe which
all might consider trying some time. I picked this up off the Rialto some
time ago. Included is also a recipe for oat cakes to make from the oats that
will be left over. The fellow who posted it, one Lothar by name, got it
froma friend who got it from a Laurel in Michigan. I can not attest to
either its authenticity or its flavour.

In service,


     2-3 cups rolled oats
     2-3 cups water
     1-1 1/2 cups more water
     4 cups Scotch (the better quality the better the brew)
     1 cup honey
     1 cup cream or Half-n-Half    

Equipment Needed
     Two large bowls
     measuring cup
     cheese cloth

Makes 1/2 gallon


     1. In a large bowl mix oats and water, stir, let the mixture sit until
     the water is totally absorbed (overnight).

     2. Add 1-1 1/2 cups more water to the mixture, let sit 2 hours. 

     3. Strain oat/water mixture through 2-3 layers of cheese cloth into a
     large bowl by squeezing and wringing globs of oatmeal through  the
     cheese cloth until oats are nearly free of water. This is messy and 
     requires a lot of effort! Reserve pressed oats for oat cakes. 

     4. Add scotch, honey, and cream to oat-water. Mix until all ingredients
     are are blended.

     5. Serve at room temperature or chilled. Best served cold.  

     Athollbrose is an alcoholic Scots punch. I don't know if it's Period,
but all the ingredients are concievably available in Period. In any case, 
it's delicious. It is quite alcoholic, but the oats, honey, and cream  hide
the alcoholic kick and "fill your stomach". It's delicious, dangerous stuff.

Oat Cakes

     (optionally sugar)
     Mixing bowl
     Griddle or Skillet
     Pancake turner

Makes approximately 20? cakes


     1. Take oats reserved from Athelbross mix with a bit of water, butter,
     and possibly sugar until you have created a relatively dry mixture of
     the  ingredients.

     2. Make thin pattys from the mixture and cook on a greased griddle or 
     skillet like pancakes until the oats on both sides are golden brown and 
     the patty is cooked through. This will require a low heat and some

     The resulting cake is hard, sweet (especially if you add sugar), and
dry. They go along very nicely with Athollbrose. The oat-stuff left over 
after the Athollbrose is basically waste. This is something useful to do with
it. The recipie is only an approximation, since everyone will have their own
way of making what is, essentially, an oatmeal cookie fried in a pan.

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