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Re: Weebles - No joke at all

Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)

<<There is a fine line between CHARISMA and BULLSHIT>>
<note: Red Dragon, Didn't know if you got this thought you might be

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:17:09 -0400 (EDT) clutter <clutter@cyberspace.org>
>Poster: clutter <clutter@cyberspace.org>
>> Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>
>> I've no idea why Crowns are so small here.  I've heard things 
>ranging from "Too
>> Expensive" to "Not enough Time" to "Only the Really Good fighters 
>should enter"
>> to "Weebling".
>> New Thread alert.
>>         - Anarra
>> I use the term weeble because it doesn't have the machismo 
>associated with the
>> term rhino-hide.
>> Since I don't consider weebling to be macho behavior I try to avoid 
>a (what I
>> consider to be) macho term for it.
>> I have far more respect for a fighter who fights well and honorably 
>and 'loses'
>> than for one who 'wins' a tournament dishonorably.
>> Winning dishonorably.  Now *there's* an oxymoron for you.
>> Thanks for further explaining, Herveus.
>>         - Anarra
>> On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, teufel wrote:
>> >         A new joke for your consideration:
>> > 
>> >                 How do you keep a candle from being blown out?
>> > 
>> >                 Put a white belt around it. The candle will turn 
>it's back
>> > and refuse the blow.
>> >         
>> >         Sorry!  (ducking and running before the peerage can lynch 
>him.) ;}
>You know, the pathetic thing about this joke is that people in other
>kingdoms don't immediately get it.  ("how can you refuse a blow by 
>your back?")  I don't suppose anyone would want to discuss the 
>of deceit amongst fighters in Atlantia - all the tricks (averting 
>flicking your head to the side to hide the distance the blow would 
>knocked your head) and excuse catchphrases (bad geometry, too high on 
>helm, you weren't in his armor).  It is taboo for a mashal to mention 
>a blow was obviously and embarrassingly good, but marshals will often
>falsely call blows flat in order to deal with an out-of-control and-or
>out-of-favor cheat.  We can't jeopardize the weebling of our honored 
>so we use a different deceit to deal with those who are unpopular or
>completely over the top. 
>There is a complete Emperor's Clothes subculture of how to cheat and 
>to cheat in Atlantia, and those who don't play this game have little 
>or no
>chance of ever taking crown.  "Weebling" barely begins to describe the
>problem.  I'm betting that too many dukes owe their strawberry leaves 
>too many knights their belts to this for it to be honestly discussed. 
>I've never heard a sincere defense of this beyond "oh, he only rhinos 
>the others do" or "just think of it as knights and dukes having higher 
>points". No one *privately* has ever said that I'm wrong or imagining
>this.  At most, they just mumble a weak excuse and try to change the
>subject, afraid of saying anything controversial.  The entire 
>honor is corrupted by this, perhaps irrevocably.  Perhaps an honest
>discussion would inspire the Moose Lodge to take up the banner - until 
>its members launch a crusade to eliminate deceit, no one else will. 
> 						Clutter
Wow!  Listen to that pin drop!! Just a few comments, before I duck under
the table and the shit starts to fly.

First off, I'm neither Knighted or a Squire.
Those of you who know me and my Tuchux heritage know that as a group we
took lighter hits than most other kingdoms.  I have many times wondered
if I have been rhino hiding on a light shot that if playing Tuchux style
I would have taken.  My only close experience that I recall having with a
'weeble' was my own fault.   The Weapon that I was using was better off
for boffer fighting than heavy.  

Those with more experience and technical terms for fighting, i.e. those
who study the art like a baseball coach studies a batters swing, play on
a level that is more complicated than Clutter is taking into account.  

Question:  If you are knocked over by a blow that hits you, but are hit
with the shaft or even the four or so inches above the basket hilt, are
you going to take the blow?

Many times I've seen this happen, even to me.  I would not take it, some
people do.  Does that make me a Weebler? 

Have you ever been in a melee, and have some one on your side stop you
and say "hey, you know you got hit here?" The bodily produced drug
adrenalin is a funny thing, I know for a fact, from watching videos of
battles, that I took blows that were good and never felt them til the
next day.  (i.e. the infamous "Where did that bruise come from?")   I
don't consider myself a Rhino and if anything I hope that I would be
accused of accepting too light a blow.  I don't concern myself with who's
a rhino and who is not,  IT IS NOT MY JOB.  My job is to have fun.  

As for the Crown list when I am ready, I will fight for Crown.  Right
now, I don't feel that I can divide myself between Kingdom and Shire, 
because my shire is trying very hard to become a Barony.  I hope that all
the gentles in Seareach feel the same way.

My biggest concern now is that Clutter is starting all this shit and s/he
is not even a fighter. Are you a fighter?  If not, you need to talk to
whom ever fights around you, if it is a small group maybe you need to
move up a level.  The BIG BOYS do hit harder, wear better armor, have
more experience, but they are people, they put their pants on  just like
you and me.   Have you ever taken one aside and asked what was wrong with
the blow.  I have.  You might find out some interesting things.  The
Chivalry is not a bunch of rhino hides.   As I have adjusted to the
Atlantian style of fighting, I see that here we play on a different
level.  Some like it, some don't.  If it gets your britches in a tangle,
maybe it is time to move on.  Because every problem I have seen in this
regard has been taken care of one way or another.

Can't wait for the melee to begin.

In Service to the Dream,
Nikolai Bearslayer
Knight Marshal
Shire of Seareach
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