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Museum Search

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Dafydd ap Gwystl greets you all most heartily!

Countess Elizabeth and I are planning our vacation for this summer.  Our
finances being insufficient for us to fly to England, France, or Italy, as
would be our desire, we must make do on this side of the Atlantic.  Such
being the case, we intend to go on walkabout (or, in this case, vanabout).

We have long since plumbed the depths of the museums local to us: the
National Gallery of Art (Smithsonian), the Walters Art Gallery, and the
Philadelphia Museum of Art.  We now intend to travel farther afield, and
we are looking for suggestions for museums.  Our requirements are simple:
Real Medieval Crap.

We are asking for suggestions as to where on the extended East Coast of
the United States and Canada there are museums with actual artifacts from
Viking to 1600; especially items from 1200 to 1500;  most especially items
and art from 1400-1450. 

The museums on the list already are:

The Cloisters (Manhattan)
Pierpoint Morgan (Maciejowski Bible!)  (Don't have a location yet for it)
Elizabeth Gardner Museum (Boston Area)

If you know of any collections that fit the bill, please tell us where the
place is and give a thumbnail sketch of the collection if possible.  We
probably won't be travelling across the Mississippi, so our search area is
pretty much restricted to the East Coast, but we might make an exception
for a really tremendous museum elsewhere.

Thanks muchly for any help,

Dafydd & Elizabeth

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