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Re: Awards and stuff

Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997 blackbow@sprynet.com wrote:

> Either 1) give shires the power to hand out "baronial" awards (maybe that's why 
> there aren't any shire-level awards...too hard to say "Shireal"...)

Here in the Outlands (If I had a nickel for each time I started a 
sentence with that this week ;^)...

There is an award called the Trefoil, given by the Crown to recognize
a person's achievement WITHIN A SHIRE...it can be given for Service,
A&S or Fighting. It also carries with it an AoA. They are given based
on recommendation of folks in the shire. It is for any shire-dweller.

I imagine it was established to counteract the fact that no shires
could give *official* AoA bearing-awards like baronies can. Does
Atlantia, home of my birth, have an award similar to this one?
(It's been a while since I left home...)

It is an interesting bit of trivia to me that those who have received
the very UNofficial, non precedence-bearing Harp of Caer Galen do
consider it an equal or greater honour than a Trefoil.

branwynn ottersby
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