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Re: Holding name (was:Re: Submissions) (fwd)

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> <Somebody else>:
> > >However, someone else told me recently that no, you could actually send
> > >off your arms to be registered even if you haven't done so with your name
> > >yet, as they will assign you a holding name until such time as your actual
> > >name is submitted.

Not as such, no. You need to submit a name before (or at the same
time that) you submit a coat of arms or badge. If you ask that a
holding name be formed for you from the documentable elements of
the name, if it doesn't pass in it's entirety, then one will be
formed for you, and the armory held for you under that name.
Otherwise, Laurel will dump both name and arms into the circular

> The way I heard it, when you enter Society you are entitled (if
> that's the right word) to having <your mundane first name> + "of"
> + <the name of your local branch> as your name.

You've conflated the "mundane name allowance" and the concept of
a holding name. The MNA says that you can try to register a name
that includes elements of your mundane name-Laurel _has_ rejected
stuff using a person's mundane name before-"Legend of Hunter's
Rest" is the example in Jaelle's tenure of service.

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Craig Levin
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