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Re: coat of arms necessary vs required (fwd)

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

>Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)
>Giovan Donato Falconieri:
>> To throw another point into the fray:
>The proof of this lies in part in the existence of Italian
>armorials that depict _permanent_ coats of arms, and in part
>because the foundations of the laws of heraldry were laid by a
>Paduan, Bartolo of Sassoferrato, in the 1350's, in his De
>Insignis et Armis. I suggest that you examine my own website,
>where I have deposited a monograph by my own hand on heraldic

Vivats, Pedro.
   I can verify what you say is true.  Mundanely I am a Capece, and my
family has had it's device for centuries.  What many forget is that not all
parts of Italy were fragmented, specifically the south (the Kingdom of thr
Two Sicilies) and many noble  families emigrated from other cultures, most
notably the Normans and the Anjevins.
There are also to this day, heraldic societies that kept records of
families and arms.  My grandfather used to receive special greetings on his
birthday from these groups.
    It should also be reminded that although many different cultures had
different rules for heraldry, IN THIS SOCIETY we only use the English(and I
believe the French)
rules.  And it is through this society that we are asking to have our arms
passed.  My persona is also Italian, and I would like my device to have an
Italian look.  But I will use the heraldic laws of this society.  And
hopefully I will come to a happy medium.
    As for the all the dissonance about someone who insists on using a
device that does not belong to him/her, wasn't the SCA born out of a need
to get away from the rudeness of the mundane world, to find a refuge in
which gentility and honor are prized.  Isn't this sort of rudeness contrary
to everything that our Society, our Kingdom stands for?  I think it would
behoove (not behoof) us all if those who still cherish the founding ideals
of the SCA, might gently remind those of our brothers/sisters who are
forgetful of these ideals; primarily by being good examples ourselves.
Lady Giuseppina de'Materesi

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