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Re: Tablet weaving info

Poster: tawnyk@juno.com (SHANA M HARVEY)

>I am looking for any books on tablet weaving. If Lady Tangwystl (did I
>put in the right number of a's Dafydd?) is online, I'm sure she could
>point me to the right source material.

Tawny here!  The two best books I know of are:
 Collingwood, Peter.  The techniques of Tablet Weaving (New York:
Watson-Guptill Publications, 1982)
Hansen, Egon.  Tablet Weaving (Hojbjerg, Denmark:  Hovedland Publishers,

Both give you basic how-to, some good history, and advanced patterns,
etc.  It's interesting to read both, because they both look at the same
pieces from different perspectives.  If you have specific questions, I'd
be happy to answer what I can.  Also, if you are free, SWAT will have an
on the field gather at Emerald Joust on Saturday.  I'll be happy to
teach anyone the techniques I know.  Finally, let me know where exactly
you live, and I can probably give you the name of a good weaver in your
area who can give you "hands-on training".  Weaving is something easier to learn by seeing and practice than by reading.  Most (not all) of the
other books you will easily find on off-loom weaving were written during
a woven renaissance in the 70's.  The basics are sound (weaving hasn't
changed that much in the last hundered years or so), but you will miss
the historical background, etc.  Also, some of the things they did at that time are interesting, but not applicable to what we do now.  Again, this is my opinion, and I don't know all the books out there.  Hope that
helps and thanks for asking!
Tawny (Lady Tangwystl ferch Dafydd for those who count the vowels)
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