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[EK] (Fwd) [gdh] Some info to pass along as you see fit...

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>From: lubrecht@epix.net
>To: sca-east@world.std.com
>Subject: [EK] (Fwd) [gdh] Some info to pass along as you see fit...
>Date: Sun, 20 Apr 97 23:44:23 +0000
>-Poster: lubrecht@epix.net
>This came to me from one of my brothers with instructions to pass it
>Sounds neat :)
>------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
>>From: "Arne Lindberg" <A.L@sonans.se>
>>Newsgroups: rec.woodworking
>>Subject: Make your own lute!
>>Date: 19 Apr 97 16:14:54 GMT
>>Organization: Telia Internet Services
>>Lines: 53
>>Stockholm April 1997
>>The lutebuilding-summercourse (the 19:th) at Marholmen outside
>>Sweden takes place between July 14th - August 1st.
>>The course is open for everybody who wants to spend 19 days (and nights)
>>working on building an own renaissance- or baroque-lute. The instruments
>>are based on lutes by Hans Frei or Martin Hoffmann. The ambition is to
>>reproduce instruments that in construction and choice of material are
>>close to the way that the instruments of the period once were built.
>>Important is also to make the sound and playability as close as possible
>>the originals. That doesn't mean we are making exact copies of the
>>originals but instruments of the same spirit.
>>The material needed for making the lute are prepared by me. The
>>coursemembers work starts when the fun begins, that is actually when
>>start building the instrument. To save time the predimensioned lutebelly
>>sent to the coursemember before the course starts in order to get the
>>luterose cut in beforehand. It is convenient to get this time-cunsuming
>>done in calmness at the kitchen-table, without rushing.
>>The used wood is traditionally selected. For the belly we use European
>>closegrained old spruce reinforced and decorated with a ebonyvein. The
>>is made of maple, cherry, ash, walnut or similar. The neck is made of
>>spruce with ebony-veneer and ebony-fingerboard. The pegbox is
>>of several layers of maple veneered with the same wood as the body. The
>>pegs are turned in the lathe of jacaranda, plum, whitebeam or anything
>>suitable. We use gut- or PVF-strings and gutfrets. The surface treatment
>>has to bee completed after the course or at the next visit to Sweden.
>>Since 1979 nearly 100 instruments have been built at the Marholmen
>>summer-courses. All kind of people, from several countries, with very
>>different experience in handicraft have attended the course. If you
>>judge yourself as unhandy you have a fair chance to leave the course
>>with a
>>nicesounding replica of an old lute. My advice for the first time
>>participant is to choose the
>>7-course lute. That is reasonably easy to build.
>>The course is held about 80 km north of Stockholm in a small island
>>(Marholmen) at the countryside in the archipelago. We work, eat (very
>>standard) at the school and sleep in nice single-bed rooms. It is about
>>half a minute walk to the sea and the sauna.
>>The price for all this, depending on what instrument you build, will bee
>>about 10 500: - Swedish crowns ($1.400). This includes accomodation,
>>and all material.
>>Interested will please contact: Arne Lindberg, Vargövägen 16, S-122 47
>>Enskede, Sweden.
>>E-mail: a.l@sonans.se
>Barbara Johannessen Bailey          svea@execpc.com
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James and/or Nancy Gilly


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