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Event Flyer - Roxbury Mill Country Fair

Poster: Dawn Skully/HNS <Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com>


Summer is coming and we want to run into the fields and play. The Shire of 
Roxbury Mill invites little people to bring their parents, big people to bring 
their friends and everybody to walk the Fairway in persona at our Country Fair 
on June 14. You'll see period artisans producing period goods. We'll play 
period games of chance and compete for glory in period field games (CAMBOK!! 
and others). Merchants and peddlers will try to separate you from your gold, 
and we'll dance and sing and play as entertainers entertain us. 

The site fee is a budget-friendly $3.00 per head with a $12.00 family maximum. 
There's no feast, but we have a non-alchoholic tavern whose profits benefit one 
of our deserving SCA Charities. Which one? You decide. If you buy something, 
you get a vote. The charity with the most votes gets the donation.

The site opens at 11:00 AM on Saturday (Fairway setup is Friday evening) and is 
wet.  We don't have to leave until we want to. Shade is at a premium so bring 
your own. Water must be transported a short distance so water jugs would also 
be convenient to have handy. We're trying to keep things period so please help 
us out by bringing cooler covers, etc. Contact the Autocrat if you wish to 
camp, if you need crash space, or if you need space on the Fairway (Artisans, 
Entertainers, and Merchants are welcome indeed). Send reservations to the 
Autocrat: Lady Aurora Astore (Dawn Skully), 12401C Hickory Tree Way, 
Germantown, MD 20874 (301-540-8697) (dskully@hns.com). Make checks to: SCA Inc, 
Shire of Roxbury Mill. Reservations are encouraged so we can predict how to s
tock the tavern and how many different games we'll need to run at one time. We 
look forward to your company at the Fair. 

GET A MAP. Find your best way to I-270 in Maryland. Take Rt 118W (toward 
Germantown). Rt 118 zigs to the left at a light at Wisteria Drive (4th light, I 
think) and then to the right at the next light so be careful. Drive through the 
light at Clopper Rd/Rt. 117 (unless, of course, it's red) and travel another 
quarter to half mile. The site - Phillips Farm - will be on the right. If 
you've gone as far as Riffleford Rd, you've gone too far. Turn around and come 
back, we'll be waiting for you.


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