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Re: rivets

Poster: blackbow@sprynet.com

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Jody Jones <gator@pop.scescape.net> wrote:
>Poster: Jody Jones <gator@pop.scescape.net>
>Help! We have several new fighters in the Shire of Border Vale Keep and 
>no source of information on how to get rivets or how to use rivets to put 
>together the armor peices we have collected.  We don't have a local Tandy 
>outlet, does anyone have access to the info of a catalog company that 
>offers rivets?  Thankx. Beatrice


It depends on whether you want genuine rivets or just something to put the armor 
together with.  If it's genuine copper rivets, Tandy is the most convenient 
place.  I'd suggest getting one of their catalogs.


If all you're after is something to "rivet" with, I can suggest normal machine 
screws (I get 8/32 machine screws, nuts, and washers) which behave remarkably 
like a rivet, except that you can adjust these before and after you attach them, 
including removing them completely.

You put the screw through the holes, the washer on after that, and screw the nut 
down roughly finger-tight.  Then you take a pair of nips (lineman's pliers, 
whatever), cut the end off, and peen the protrusion with a hammer.  That's it.

I've been using these for quite some time now, and the biggest advantage they 
have is that they let you adjust things after you've had a chance to check the 
fit.  If you leave the screw alone after you put the nut on, and don't like the 
fit, you just unscrew it and change things.

Hope this helps-

Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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