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Questions about Welsh, 12th Century

Poster: KNPQ34A@prodigy.com (MISS JENNIFER E BRAME)

Good gentles all,

While I am yet new here, I have noted that thou art a most helpful 
and insightful band of folk; thus do I bring my questions to you and 
thank you for your kindness and patience in, hopefully, giving me the 
enlightenment I seek.  


I am slowly but surely putting together a composite "sketch" of my 
eventual, permanent SCA persona, selecting details that make up the 
woman I would have been.  I have been a little troubled, though, by 
my preferred and admittedly short hairstyle, wondering how I could 
cover it up (false braids, headdress?).   Whilst dallying in the 
Rialto backlogs tonight, I noted one particular message saying that 
during the 12th Century in Wales, it was common practice for men and 
women alike to cut their hair short.  Can anyone verify this?  I 
enjoy reading about that time and location, and would be disposed to 
set myself as coming from that period, so if the bit about the hair 
is true, that's one more tilt in its favor.


How likely, or unlikely was it for a woman to be a "public" 
storyteller?  I have had some experience in that art, and would much 
like to pursue it within the SCA.  Yet if I would have been marked as 
a witch for it, or something equally frightening, should I look at 
other crafts?


Also, can anyone recommend some good books that concern the 
time/period/location of 12th Century

God give you joy!

Jennifer Brame
(temporarily known as Rosamunde the Shy, who blushes and apologizes 
for confusion this may cause)  

The Wise Woman Says:
   "Graduate school is where you learn to call            a spade a 
leveraged geomass delivery              system."

  "Cogito, ergo spud."  (I think, therefore I yam.)

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    the best, folks!  :)
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