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Re: Wed. Fighter Pract.

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

> I am wanting to know where and when the Wed. Fighter pract. is? 
> and is Sir Fern going to be there to help train the beginner ladies in
> fighting?

Wednesday Fighter Practice in the Barony of Windmaster's Hill
(which is where I believe I recall the O'Reillys live) is on
the grounds of Master Valdemar Bayard's, on Fayetteville Avenue
just north of I-40 in Durham, NC (exit 276, north through a couple
of lights, on the right).  Richard Ffauxes can give you specific
directions from Elvegast.  Practice starts at 7, and I usually
leave around 9 but it continues long thereafter.

Sir Fern usually teaches Aikido that night, but has been known to
drop by afterwards on occasion.  If you really want to talk with her,
a better bet is to call her directly, or find her at a baronial
fighter practice - rumor has it that there's one at Edwin & Genvieve's
in Pittsboro this Sunday after Boat Wars (where she'll be all day,
running a quest).

Giovan Donato Falconieri, Scholar
Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia:  OCFA - LFET
// hudson@cs.unc.edu

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