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What is CAMBOK?!?

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Greetings to all gathered here under our roof from Dafydd ap Gwystl,
Knight, Earl, Laurel, Pelican, gadabout, barfly, and (re?)inventor of

Orm of Elvegast wrote:
> In my ever so humble opinion, CAMBOK is a game which combines the best 
> aspects of physical sports, such as competition and friendship, while 
> disregarding the less desirable aspects, like non-safty related rules and 
> keeping score (which always seem to make things less plesant for 
> someone). In CAMBOK, you form two teems (you can change sides at any time 
> as often as you'd like), find a large area to play in (the ball can never 
> go out of bounds), set up two set of goal posts (which always seem too 
> start to move around half way through the game), get sticks similar to 
> hockey sticks but with a smaller head and wooden (sticks are recomended, 
> but optional), get a ball similar to a mostly deflated scoccer ball, and 
> try to put the ball through the goal of one side or the other (with out 
> keeping score), and yelling 'CAMBOK!!!!' after every goal. There are only 
> three rules; no high sticking (hitting above the shins), don't pick up 
> the ball and run with it (hand contact is legal but if you hold on to it 
> for too long, it becomes more like football and you're likely to get a 
> stick to the hands (ouch!)), and finaly and most importantly, DON'T BE A 
> JERK! Having fun isn't technical a rule, but it's sort of understood.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

> The game was invented by a man who based it on an illustration in a
> tapestry and a composite of similar medeavl games, if I'm not mistaken. 

No, you have it entirely correct in substance.  The illustration was in a
15th Century French manuscript, though, not a tapestry.

My heart is warmed at the success Cambok has enjoyed this spring, even
though I could not be at several of the events where it was played.  I
would like to thank those of you on this forum that have sent me accounts
of the glorious affrays of Cambok at these events.

There will be Cambok at Emerald Joust; bring your festive spirit.  We will
soon see whether the lake is out of bounds, eh?

It has now been some two years since I made the University of Atlantia
Varsity Cambok T-shirts, a fundraiser that raised more than $600 for the
Oak and put Cambok T-shirts in the hands of 100 berserk players.  Perhaps
it will soon be time for a re-issue?  How many Cambok players out there
would be willing to pay $12 or so for a Cambok T-shirt?  The last run was
red (so the blood wouldn't show); perhaps this one should be green (to
hide the grass stains).

Dafydd ap Gwystl

Meus Sanguis Camboki Fervet!!!

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