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Re: What is CAMBOK?!?

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <Chuck_Graves@mmacmail.jccbi.gov>


>No, you have it entirely correct in substance.  The illustration was in a 
>15th Century French manuscript, though, not a tapestry.
Pray tell, which manuscript would that be?

>My heart is warmed at the success Cambok has enjoyed this spring, even 
>though I could not be at several of the events where it was played.  I 
>would like to thank those of you on this forum that have sent me accounts 
>of the glorious affrays of Cambok at these events.

Stay tuned...if I can get this @&$%!! ball sewn up, I may spread the fever 
to Ansteorra.

>Perhaps it will soon be time for a re-issue?  How many Cambok players out 
>there would be willing to pay $12 or so for a Cambok T-shirt?  The last 
>run was red (so the blood wouldn't show); perhaps this one should be 
>green (to hide the grass stains).

SIGN ME UP...Wouldn't do to have only one-half the set.
>Meus Sanguis Camboki Fervet!!!

Yeah...what he said.


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