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Re: MR: RoUS

>   >   Giants [The concept dates to Greek mythology]
>   Um, Tibor,
>   Doesn't ancient Israel predate Greek mythology?  
> Kendrick, to my mind, while ancient Palestine does predate Greek Mythology,
> Goliath was not a member of a "race of giants" but one, isolated man.  The
> various translations I have read do not make him sound like a giant, but
> rather like Andre the Giant.

Mea culpa.  I'm the one who listed "giants", plural, even though
the movie in question only featured one, isolated giant, rather
like Andre the Giant.

For Spaniards, Sicilians, and albinos: same notation.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
gigantes autem erant      | There were giants
super terram              | in the earth
in diebus illis           | in those days;
postquam enim             | and also after that,
ingressi sunt filii Dei   | when the sons of God came in
ad filias hominum         | unto the daughters of men,
illaeque genuerunt        | and they bare children to them,
isti sunt potentes        | the same became mighty men
a saeculo                 | which were of old,
viri famosi               | men of renown.
                                         -- Genesis 6:4