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Re: [TY] Changes, was: Tn Ren Fair Info?

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

I saw this on Meridian Tavern.  Thought it was food for thought.

>Greetings Your Ladyship Roz and all,
>I liked your response, even if it wasn't *quite* on topic.
>I've only been around for 8 or 9 years and I don't feel like an
>"old-timer."  In some areas the Society is very different from what I
>would like it to be.  Meridies is definitely run differently from what I
>first experienced, but perhaps my perceptions were those of a new person
>unfamiliar with the politics of the times.  Also, a very different
>picture of how things happen in the Society was painted for me as a
>newbie than what I have actually seen and experienced.
>Regardless of what used to be when the Society and Meridies was young,
>the one constant in the Universe is change.  We will change whether we
>want to or not, whether the change is our way or not.  I think that if
>we want that change to be positive and growth-enhancing, we have to have
>an agenda.  Or plan.  Or projection.  Or whatever you want to call it. 
>If we go blindly into the future, trusting that things will turn out all
>right, only one thing will happen.
>The strongest and most ruthless will direct the course of the Society. 
>This isn't necessarily bad, if we agree with the vision of whoever
>happens to be the group in charge.  In that case, we will applaud the
>vision, courage, and leadership that has seen us through this crisis
>into the future.  If we disagree, there will be loud grumblings of
>discontent, we will resist changes, we will stagnate . . . until a
>strong and ruthless group rises to direct the course of the Society
>through this crisis into the future.  Etceteras.
>To a great extent, the Society's agenda is outlined in the By-Laws and
>Articles of  Incorporation and the Meridian agenda is outlined in
>Kingdom Law.  They tell us WHAT to do and HOW to do it.  We've gotten
>quite tied up in the WHAT and HOW.  What we've consistently neglected is
>According to the By-Laws and Articles of  Incorporation, we participate
>in the Society for research and education, to present activities which
>re-create the environment, to acquire replicas of  “stuff”, and to
>collect a library all pertaining to pre-17th-Century Western Culture. 
>Oh, yeah . . . we’re “charitable,” too.
>Well . . . we all joined with those goals in mind, I’m sure.
>Most successful, long-term organizations have established common goals
>and/or agenda which local groups and individuals work toward and
>participate in to varying degrees.  Women’s clubs work at community
>improvements, garden clubs beautify, Jaycees promote local, national and
>international communities, Shriner’s work for medically needy children,
>Scouting organizations educate children.  Even automobile collectors and
>motorcycle clubs work in the community.  And they do this while having
>fun, dressing oddly (to varying degrees), pursuing their own interests
>and living normal lives outside of their hobbies.  They also do it while
>indulging in political infighting, self-promotion, and gross
>manipulation.  BUT . . . most of those organizations which achieve and
>maintain national status also have coherent and common goals.   Which
>neither the Society nor Meridies have.
>I think we will continue to have problems with focus and change as long
>as we remain without a common goal.  Sort of like Columbus.  He went
>looking for his fortune by pointing West and saying “Thatta way, boys!” 
>And look where he ended up.
>In Service,
>THL Angharad ferch Donovan, CPLM, CMC

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