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Medieval Manliness

Poster: Sue Humphries <humphs2@scsn.net>

Just something amusing... 

The following quote is from the alternative health dude, Dr. Andrew

"I wouldn't discourage you from doing your best to get flatulence   
under control, but you ought to know that flatulence once was      
considered a sign of strength. Einarr Pambarskelfir, a legendary
Icelandic archer especially known for his powerful bow work, carried
the nickname "superfarter," according to Scandinavian medieval
studies expert Anatoly Liberman. In medieval times, people who
couldn't pass gas were considered weaklings. The German "pimpf"
refers to "one who cannot produce a good manly pumpf (fart),"
Liberman says. In later times, the famed Frenchman "Le Petomane"
became wealthy by playing tunes with the sounds of his expelled gas
on the Moulin Rouge stage."

%) Athelina
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