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Re: Tatting

Poster: tawnyk@juno.com (SHANA M HARVEY)

>Poster: Shawn Bryan <BRYANS@gunet.georgetown.edu>

>I seem to recall that SCA "encourages" (is that the right
>word? No . . ., but anyway) the art of tatting.. I thought I would
>post this address for anyone interested anyway.
Greetings Shawn!
Perhaps I missed something, as I don't understand your anger/frustration.
 Still, I hope you will accept my greetings and thanks for the site info.
 I'm going to check it out and may add it to the SWAT website (SWAT, if
you don't know, is Atlantia's fiber arts guild, stands for Spun, Warped,
and Twisted).  Before I say the next line, please note that I hate to say
anything "isn't period" because I simply dont' know everything...yet (and
don't want to...); I prefer to say that I haven't found any
documentation. Also,  I haven't researched this myself (tatting isn't
one of my many fiber addictions); however, I've been told that
tatting might not be period, but you can get period results with it. 
Like Crochet, SWAT includes tatting as one of the fiber arts practised
but reserves judgement on it's historical origins.  Many years ago,
knitting wasn't considered a period art, and we have now found that's
simply not true.  Personally, I think anyone who works with string and
fiber has advanced up the evolutionary ladder, but that's just me. 
Please continue to tat (is that the right way to put it?), and here's
another site you might want to check out (I haven't seen it yet, but have heard it's
nice)	http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/7183/tattingbug.htm

May your strings never snarl, 
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