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Re: Tatting (for anyone interested)

Poster: Muir Dean <muirdean@mindspring.com>

Greetings, Shawn.  

I am sorry that you are irritated and/or angry.  It may be that both
crocheting and tatting are sort of hot topics of debate in SCA circles.  I
am a lacemaker both in the SCA and mundanely.  In the SCA I do bobbin lace
and have attempted needlelace.  I was finally taught tatting at an SCA
event, but alas, it is an invention of the last century as is crochet, by
every documentable resource I've come across including some of the
professional teachers whose workshops I've had the privledge of attending.
One of the common arguements for documentationis found in introductions to
tatting manuals.  While interesting these resources are also of a later
invention.    The clove hitch is an ancient knot (the basic tatting ds), but
was not used to make lace until much, much later.  

DISCLAIMER: If anyone can provide me with material from before 1600
regarding tatting, I'm willing and happy to accept it. 

Loved the website.  Are you on the lace list?  It was formed by an East
Kingdom lacemaker and member of the SCA lace guild called Arachne's Web.
Check out their home page as well!  http://www.arachne.com

As to membership, I'd be happy to mail you the form for becoming a member or
you could contact the central office in Milpitas, CA directly.  Their
address can be found on the homepage http:// www.sca.org.  You do NOT have
to be a member to participate.  Being a membert means you get the
newsletters and can fight.  You can attend events like Crown Tourney in
Street, MD this Saturday by just showing up!  You can find the event's
specifics/directions from the Atlantia homepage which should be linked to
the main homepage.  Also the Seneschall of Storvik can be reached at
louise.flessas@postoffice.worldnet.att.net (Frau Johanna von Sudeborn)
according to the latest Acorn (newsletter).
>I seem to recall that SCA "encourages" (is that the right
>word? No . . ., but anyway) the art of tatting. As I have STILL
>not been contacted by anyone in the Barony of Storvik 
>regarding membership, I wouldn't know for sure (can you tell
>I'm getting irritated and angry about it?), but I thought I would
>post this address for anyone interested anyway.

Hope the Barony contacts you soon,  

Francesca la Curiousa
Windmaster's Hill
Southern Atlantia (sorry)

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