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Re: Tatting (some clarification)

Poster: tawnyk@juno.com (SHANA M HARVEY)

Just a little clairification, not trying to open  a bigger can of worms
(too late, I know)
Francesca la Curiosa (and others) posted that tatting isn't/probably
wasn't period, to which I agree.  What I was trying to pass on (and this
is something I was told but haven't personally researched) is that some
of the results and patterns are similar or virtually indistinguishable
from a more period lace method.  I do not know the details or patterns,
and again, I do not do tatting or lace.  I could be completely wrong,
and I apologise if I'm misguided.  Still, it would be a worthy topic of
research, for those interested in lace and tatting, to compare the
patterns and results (that'd make a wonderrful SWAT article
too...hmmmmm...<Grin>).  Just a thought.
Grinning and weaving (on a loom, as I tend to not drink ale on a Sunday
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